Frequently Asked Questions

Retractable leashes have great purpose, but they aren’t right for everyone. We suggest visiting our Leash Selection Guide page to help with your decision. If you have a puppy or a dog still in training, a standard leash is probably the best leash to start with.

The benefit of using a retractable leash is to allow extra length for your beloved dog to sniff, explore, and “take care of business.” TUG engineering has optimized the length and thickness of the leash to provide a portable unit with more than enough strength to keep your dog secure. A thicker material would mean increasing the leash housing unit, making it bulky and cumbersome; or reducing the length of the leash, removing the benefits of using a retractable altogether.

Although our leashes are tested for a large weight of tension, please be sure to inspect the leash regularly for damage. Snaps can occur if there is chewing or abrasion damage. Watch out for abrasive surfaces (like tree trunks and brick), as these can weaken material. If your dog has a tendency to chew on leashes, we recommend using a non-retractable until they are properly trained.

If your dog chews on your leash, we recommend using a small leash attachment that fits between your dog’s collar and the end of the retractable. We include one completely free with every leash, but also offer a 2-pack of these available here.

Training your dog is the best long-term solution. There is a lot of training material available and we recommend this video to new dog owners: How to Stop Puppy Biting on Leash

Using a harness with your dog may also mitigate this problem, since the leash is connected to a place that’s more out of reach from your dog’s mouth.

This is a common misconception. The leash is stopped with an internal mechanism that does not pinch or touch the material. If your leash is damaged, please watch out for abrasive surfaces and/or chewing. If you believe your product has a defect, please reach out to our support team HERE.

If your leash is starting to stink like a wet dog, it’s probably time to clean it! To clean the fabric of the leash, you’ll first need to have a backup leash because your TUG retractable will need time to dry. You can pull the entire length of the leash out and lock it in place, then you can give the nylon tape a warm, soapy bath. Be careful not to use abrasives during cleaning, but a soft-head toothbrush is fine. After cleaning and rinsing, be sure to leave the nylon outside of the casing until it has fully dried. Be sure not to mistakenly retract the leash while it’s still soaking wet, as extra moisture inside the leash could cause retraction problems in the future.

Unfortunately, TUG retractable leashes cannot be opened. They are permanently sealed to prevent opening because the coil retraction spring could be hazardous. If you have problems with your leash, please contact our support team through the warranty claim form.

Please complete our warranty claim form here:

The bark collar is compatible with any micro USB charging cable. If you have misplaced the cable that comes with the bark collar, it can easily be replaced by purchasing a standard “micro USB” cable. You may also have one of these already, as many electronic devices (and some older phones) utilize micro USB.

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